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Happlify shopping guide and happy blog is your positive go to for a hurried existence in a fast and chaotic world. Your place for a happy moment where you discover the nicest shops and find inspiration in fresh blog posts .

Devised by...

Happlify was conceived and created by me Mariko Naber . I live in Scheveningen with the love of my life Mark and I have son Scott (2010). Mark and I together run Happlify, Sell your stuff online and branding agency Loaded ink BNO . When I talk about 'we', it means Mark, me and our wonderful team of assistants and other handy masterminds.

Personally, random acts of kindness, meatballs, chocolate mousse, family time, surfing, skating, piña coladas and Monty Python make me happy.

You can read more about me and my background here
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Who is Happlify?

Happlify consists of a lot of people. We have a great line up of content creators, the Happlify team . They all make a positive contribution to our Happy Blog . And then of course you have the Happlify Crew , which are web shops and entrepreneurs where you can go for a beautiful, positive and happy product or service.

team Happlify

Our history


How it started

On a dull, gray day with a thick, dark cloud above my head, Happlify was created as a box of happiness that you could buy at our then webshop Applepiepieces. The solution: a box with 10 bags containing simple tips, gifts and assignments to make you happy in a simple way. We made a lot of people happy with it, but after about five years we were done with it. Unfortunately, this form was not profitable in the long term. Read more here >


The cake is gone

It turned out to be a great idea and it made many people happy. We have received many moving stories that moved us to tears. Then after a few years the juice seemed out of place, we put Happlify aside for a while. It turned out not to be a profitable project in the long term and - unfortunately - the chimney had to burn. If I ever win the lotto, I will immediately start sending gold bags in boxes again. Or... when we find another way!


Happlify 2.0

After five years of being on hold, I finally found peace and a new purpose for Happlify. Because as a feel-good addict and random act of kindness freak, you can't do anything for long. My need has always been to connect, make people happy and surprise them. Moreover, I have been looking for a good platform for our SYSO customers, all great web shops that deserve to be visible to a larger audience. Just before Corona time we launched Happlify 2.0, with no idea what to expect.


Happlify your Life book

During Corona times, there was a particular need for solidarity and small happiness. This is how my second book Happlify your Life was born, which will be released on the Dutch and Belgian market in September 2021. The book describes all the ins & outs about happiness and how to easily grow it. Recognizable examples, fun facts and tips are alternated with handy fill-in pages. Even though this is a great chapter for Happlify, we are drifting a little further away from our goal...



During the uncertain Corona time, Happlify is a positive community with which we can make a (tiny) little difference. But the feel good overwhelmed the target, and the web shops received too little attention in my opinion. In retrospect, we were also 'finished' privately. We lost three dear family members in a few months, my chronic migraines were working overtime, and our other businesses, SYSO and Loaded ink , were growing rapidly. On December 18 I sent the, for now, last newsletter.


New & improved!

Although Happlify has never really been off the air, in the spring of 2023 it feels like a new beginning. We go back to basics and focus on a 'happy shopping guide' with the best web shops, brands and events that you will enjoy. Still with a blog full of fun things, and we especially pursue our credo: We rise by lifting others!

It's okay, this is right. Register and from now on you won't miss anything!

What exactly is Happify?

Happlify is a nice blog and the happy shopping guide for the nicest web shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. Because... there are so many shops now that you sometimes don't know where to start and that's why Happlify makes it easy for you.

All webshops here are Happlify proof because they:
• Being safe
• be positive, original and/or surprising
• deliver quality and/or sustainability