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You will find fun outings and events at Happlify.nl. With our carefully selected providers, we bring you a variety of exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences. From cultural events to adventurous outdoor activities, we have something for everyone. Make memories that will last a lifetime and enjoy the best outings and events via Happlify. Find your favorite and have a great time!

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Welcome to Happlify's 'Things to Do' category, where we invite you to enjoy offline and experience new adventures. Whether you are looking for a quiet retreat, adventurous activities, delicious eateries, creative workshops, outings , festivals, a nice brick and mortar shop or other happy events, here you will discover the best ways to enjoy life outside the digital world.

Unique nights away
Discover the best selection of B&Bs, tiny houses, hideouts and other special accommodations to make your stay extra special. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a fun weekend with friends, a night away or a moment of peace and reflection, Happlify has the perfect place for every adventure.

The best (hidden) places to eat
Let your taste buds dance with the best (hidden) eateries that we have carefully collected for you. Discover culinary delights and hidden gems where you can enjoy delicious meals and special flavor combinations.

Creative workshops and courses
Stimulate your creativity with workshops and courses that you will find here. Whether you want to learn to paint, cook, dance or something completely different, our selection offers inspiring opportunities to develop your creative side.

Outings, festivals and fun events
Discover outings, festivals and other happy events to enjoy. Whether you like culture, music, sports , travel or just a nice get-together, our 'Things to do' category offers a varied selection of events that will make your days extra special. Here you will find the best ways to enjoy offline fun and experience new adventures. Happlify, where the most beautiful memories are made outside the digital world!