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Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is Happify?

Happlify is a shopping guide for the best web shops, brands and events in the Netherlands and Belgium. You will also find a well-stocked blog with happy lifestyle articles.

What kind of webshops can I find at Happlify?

Webshops that are 'Happlify proof'. Happlify proof is a shop if its services or products are positive, unique, surprising, high-quality and/or sustainable. These guidelines are there to keep the offering on Happlify as high-quality as possible.

Why is 'webshop

Well... if you think this webshop is Happlify proof, you can of course recommend this shop to us and you can do so here . You can immediately register a brand, webshop or event here .

How do I register my webshop/brand/service with Happlify?

You can do that very easily here .

So Happlify itself is not a webshop, I can't buy anything here?

That's right, Happlify itself is not a web store. All the nice products you see here link to the webshop where you can buy them.

Can I also write for Happlify?

Certainly! Do you like to inspire others? Do you want to write or visualize about finding happiness in small, simple or logical things? (this can be anything, think of food, recipes, films, music, book, trend, outings, travel, countries, secret places, memories, work, free time... you name it). Is it starting to bubble in your head yet? Then we are, among other things, looking for you to strengthen our awesome team for the Happlify blog. Contact us .