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Happlify Team

Here you will find the complete Happlify Team, a nice line up of content creators, each of whom makes a positive contribution to our Happlify community . ๐Ÿ“ Do you also want to blog for Happlify? click here

Shannah van der Wal

Shannah combines her love of photography and food on her food blog Just Gimme Fries . Here she brings Asian & Western food together through easy, but delicious recipes. Furthermore, you always make her happy with fries, videos of cats & facts about Japan.

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Fleur Foster Dingley

Fleur Foster-Dingley is a photographer specialized in branding shoots for creative female entrepreneurs. You can also go to Liefs van Fleur for styled products: unique atmospheric images of products that match your brand. Fleurs' style: warm and atmospheric with an eye for detail.

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Ingrid Beijer

Ingrid from Happlify crew member Roppongi is a far too modest Japan expert who can tell you all the ins and outs. Roppongi is the webshop for lovers of Japan, design, good food, tea and DIY. Visit Roppongi and the blog regularly for the quickest trip to Japan.

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Rinske Claus

Rinske is the brain behind the super cool webshop Gekkiggeit (adds humor to your interior!). She makes a modern version of the good old tile wisdom with a funny twist. She also enjoys cuddling with her cat and loves pizza.

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Vera Bertens

Vera Bertens is the creative heart and brain behind Franje Design , which she founded in 2009. In addition to her wonderful world full of sweet and funny creatures, she also illustrates and designs on commission from her studio in Tilburg. We love her work and invite you to discover this Dutch gem for yourself.

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Romy Veul

Copywriter, language fanatic, crazy about color and cheerful as often as possible. That's who Romy Veul is in a nutshell. On her blog More Happy, she takes you through her positive thoughts. Always with a modest dose of humor and nice colorful photos.

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Tessa Dry

Office manager and planner as a profession and in her spare time she loves reading, good food, shopping and traveling. She likes to extensively test the things that give her so much pleasure. She tries (new) products for Happlify and writes about her findings.

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Joyce Smith

Joyce is our virtual assistant for both SYSO and Happlify and is great at devising and writing inspiring blog posts for Happlify. Her writing style is positive and smooth and she always manages to surprise us with fun, new ideas and insights. She has a great passion for online shopping and likes to automate everything. Has no permanent residence, but always surprisingly good WiFi.


Programmer who can't sit still. Super good at linking systems that cannot actually be linked. Boris also often finds solutions that we didn't know we needed!

Mark Naber

Where Mariko is, there is Mark and vice versa. They do everything together, but Mark prefers to stay in the background. For pure and powerful branding, without nonsense, Mark is the right place for you. Good conversations included. See the branding agency that started it all: Loaded ink BNO .

Mariko Naber

Mariko is the happy brain behind Happlify. Together with partner Mark, she runs Sell your stuff online , branding agency Loaded ink BNO . She loves feel good, random acts of kindness, meatballs, chocolate mousse, family time, sea, piรฑa colada, sugar & spice and everything nice.