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Happy Stuff Awards

The happiest webshops

The Happy Stuff Awards is an initiative of Happlify - your happy lifestyle community. This competition was successfully organized for the first time in May 2021. In 2022 it was decided to cancel the Happy Shop Awards.

255 webshops were registered, in the end 7 x 7 went through to the next round and 3,084 times were voted. The Happy Stuff Awards 2021 have now been awarded and you can see the winners below.

⭐️ The winners of 2021

Category Me time Beautiful & healthy living Fashion
1st place Suez tea
DIY soap Happy Stuff Awards 2021
Pip Studio Happlify
Something beautiful for you
2nd place Iris embroiders Consciously pure wood courage Soos jewelry
3rd place crackling online Spiffy active enough retro Hannehaves

stationery baby & child To do things
1st place Studio Squid Happlify
Miss sheep
Dot and style Happlify
2nd place Paper Time Snuff for kids special place
3rd place applepiepieces Crook & monkey felt florist

⭐️ What is Happlify?

Happlify is a happy lifestyle platform and in short Happlify stands for small happiness. That can be a lot: memories, stories, a certain place, songs, even a smell and so much more. The nicest things that make you happy are the Happlify Crew members responsible for. These are webshops and entrepreneurs that design, produce and/or sell happy products or services. The selection of this crew is quite strict, but once you are inside, you really belong and you become visible to a large, positive audience that is very curious about what you have to offer. Read more about Happlify here and here find more information about collaboration.